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J’ai commandé très peu d’exemplaires d’ACCEPT THE DARKNESS et NUTS! car je ne me rends pas compte de si ça intéresse beaucoup de monde. Du coup si tu veux un zine, j’en n’aurais peut être plus mais j’en recommanderais d’autres très vite !
(Descriptions de Sam Feel It Records.)

accept_the_darkness_8 accept_the_darkness_9

ACCEPT THE DARKNESS #8 et #9. Fanzine de New-York écrit par Shiva.

ATD#8 – A4, 20pages, en anglais. « Yes, another new issue of ATD! Shiva’s writing and range of music covered have evolved considerably from earlier issues and this 20 page issue features ace interviews with RANK/XEROX and ILEGAL plus a reprint of a PHILIP K DICK interview with Slash magazine. Also includes an ATD mixtape (in the style of Distort mixtapes, ha) plus a tastefully expanded range of reviews and editorial content. »

ATD#9 – A4, 28pages, en anglais. « Yes, hot off the suburban strip-mall printing presses, ATD #8 is here!! Do yourself a favor…pick this guy up. Features interviews with BROWN SUGAR, CONDOMINIUM, and TOTAL CONTROL, three of the most important punk/hc bands in recent memory. It’s rare to see a zine that goes beyond scratching the surface of the music the editor digs, and I feel like ATD has finally reached a level of writing and opinion that truly sets it apart from other contemporary zines. Shiva isn’t afraid to tackle noise-laden hardcore, synth infused punk, or even psych-laced freakishness. This zine has come a long way and culminated in something truly worth a place atop your toilet. »

nuts_9 nuts_8nuts_10

NUTS ! #8, #9, #10. Fanzine d’Olympia, USA.

NUTS! #8 – grand format, 28pages, en anglais. « Pushing the limits of print media yet again, here’s Olympia, WA’s newspaper-sized zine, Nuts! Issue #8 includes a MILK MUSIC summer tour journal, WHITE WARDS interview, show reviews, writing from friends, and even an activities page like you’d see in the back of a real paper, ha! Also includes a HUGE two-color printed poster. »

NUTS! #9 – grand format, en anglais. « All I can say about this issue is that it is truly NUTS. Issue #9 includes no less than FOUR full size fold-out posters, two of which include full-color original art by Suzie Lucas, another by Lauren Likely, and finally a giant CHRISTIAN MISTRESS poster. The cover/credit page can also fold out into an additional poster! Writing in this issue is somewhat limited due to the visual veracity but you get: « A Secret History Of Olympia Girl Punk » by Tobi Vail, live reviews of some Richmond shows from Mike Cool, and a great stream-of-consciousness band feature from editor B.C. Trogdon. Some bands featured/mentioned include Creamers, Boston Strangler, Brown Sugar, and Arctic Flowers. Holy shit!!! »

NUTS! #10 – grand format, en anglais. « This zine is just insane. Issue #10 is consists of another set of HUGE newsprint posters, this time with more writing incorporated. We get an amazing GRASS WIDOW poster with bio on the backside, show reviews and photography of new Olympia groups like ADJUSTMENT TO SOCIETY, DICK BINGE, GRIMACE, and SPIRITUAL WARRIORS, another review of a classic FARTZ show that ended in a riot, more writing, a second psychotic poster by Danny/Forced Laugh, and the jewel of this issue (I think) – an extremely detailed and visually arresting scene report/poster from the SILENZIO STATICO/LA RAW PONX. Prepare to have your mind blown and your fingers covered in black ink! »


MOUNTZA #5 – A4, 176pages, 6€. En grec et en anglais. Après deux ans d’absence, le fanzine d’Athènes est de retour avec ce 5ème numéro de MOUNTZA ! Au sommaire : Interviews avec : Bob Ostertag, La vida es un mus VS Feral Ward, The Secret Prostitutes, Cloud Rat, Vile Intent, Sexdrome / Iceage, The Ropes… Une discographie de groupes essentiels de punk grec. Des photos de Mateus Mondini. Des colonnes, des chroniques…


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