Mise à jour + Exil + Cometbus + Radon

Le site est enfin mis à jour !!!
Tu peux à nouveau naviguer sur les différents onglets pour lire les descriptions des zines que j’ai en stock !
Je devrais commencer à re-sortir ma distro aux concerts parisiens…

J’ai récemment reçu de nouveaux zines :
EXIL est le premier numéro d’un photozine de Concarneau, imprimé sur papier glacé ce qui donne un bon rendu des clichés ! Principalement des photos de concerts punk hardcore et de sessions de skate, quelques textes accompagnent les photos. 3€, A4.


COMETBUS#55 – 3€ A5 72pages.

« When you’re within Cometbus’ pages, you experience the work of one of the greatest writers of our generation as he’s inviting you to be a tourist or a regular in a cultural milieu. It’s a framework of beliefs that you can carry with you and mull over the contents therein for days or weeks. And in the last five years, Aaron Cometbus has again reinvented himself on a project he’s been working on for over thirty years—writing brilliant novellas that are illustrative like all great literature is. After the achievement of cataloging the history of Berkeley bookstores and chronicling his Asian tour with Green Day, this issue beckons back to unique friendships like the one Aaron has had since 1988 in Berkeley with a woman named Yula and a collaborator named Andy as they shift and evolve, involving many entertaining side-plots. It’s about Aaron finding himself, casting his interests in stone, and friendships maintained through the post. And it’s all held together by a wraparound Jordan Crane cover! »


RADON – 1€50 A6 44 pages, écrit par Aaron Cometbus et Travis Fristoe à propos du groupe de punk rock de Gainesville (USA) qui a influencé une bonne partie des groupes du célèbre label NO IDEA RECORDS !

« A clear and effective parody of the 33 1/3 series of books, Radon happens to focus on one of my favorite bands and albums. Touted for their « largely unsold » LP and avoidance of « the problems of fame by willful obfuscation and a premature break-up, » Radon, who I have only experienced via their album and live recordings, made a massive impact on my understanding of how powerful and effective a DIY band could be, even many years after their demise. It was the album that I listened to while doing Microcosm work through the 90s courtesy of a cassette copy dubbed and mailed to us by a friendly customer. That tape inspired many long days and late nights of packing envelopes and designing books. But these matters aside, Radon also is a fabulous new body of work from Aaron Cometbus and Travis Fristoe, two hilarious and brilliantly-gifted writers, who include such fabulously telling passages as « Radon was a sign that I could have it all: a place of my own and a girlfriend I could talk to about literature, plus the same, pure, ecstatic joy as when I first heard the Ramones. » Not only does this book accurately describe the authentic punk experience, it is an authentic punk experience. »

Ecris moi pour me conseiller des zines, m’en commander, m’en filer…


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