Making Waves + Rad Party + Permafrost + Distort + Nuts! + Doris…

Une importante mise à jour s’impose, je m’en occupe très bientôt !! En attendant j’ai récupéré de supers nouveaux zines en distro :

-RAD PARTY#43, le zine de Stéphane est de plus en plus épais et intéressant !
3€, A6, 100aine de pages, en français

Au sommaire
-chroniques, dessins, photos de concerts et anecdotes relatives,
-interviews d’Aaron CometbusNic Dalton et Tom Morgan (à propos de leur collaboration étroites aux Lemonheads sur toute la période « It’s A Shame About Ray » / « Come On Feel… »),
-histoires perso.

-MAKING WAVES#2, zine coordonné par Camille et Constance avec de nombreux participantEs, axé sur le punk rock et le féminisme.
8€, A5, 110pages, en anglais

Au sommaire
-Pussy Riot brings artistic dissent and political action together again
-We are the Malcontents : an interview with Reversible Cords
-The Nixe : Utreg Lady Punx
-Gudrun Gut
-Brilliant Colors
-Medical Tourists, St Louis’ finest
-Give Men-A-Pause : itw with Sylvie Leber fromToxic Shock
-Nuclear Crayons : outsiders from DC/ itw with Lara Connally
-The influence of Punk and Feminism on Look Blue Go Purple

prix libre (conseillé 3€), 96pages,  format moyen, , en français

Au sommaire
Caryl Férey pour le roman noir, Pustaka Semesta pour l’internationalisme libertaire, Tomahawk pour de sombres illustrations, Singe des rues pour le rap, et Plus que des mots pour le monde du fanzinat), de bds (No exit, Zr + 4HCl —› …, et Virgil Finlay), et de textes sur des sujets divers et variés (Albertine sarrazin, Wobblies & hobos, Rock against police, ou encore des histoires de chapardages)… et une couverture sérigraphiée !



« includes a great retrospective interview with THE HUNCHES surrounding the « Exit Dreams » LP, a chat with Canada’s NIGHT PROWLER, and AARON ASPINWALL (Repos) about his writing. Also features writing/reviews on: Harry Crews, Repairs, Lost Domain, Waste Management, Factorymen, Jackman, Harald Grosskopf, Whores, Inservibles, Vile Gash, Schizophasia, Bits of Shit, Salvation, No Balls. Plus a great centerfold courtesy of Shiva Addanki. US edition with red cover printed and distributed by Feel It. »

« Itws with OMEGAS, new OZ hardcore sensations NS MAYHEM, a great look back at 60s Aussie rockers THE THROB, RED RED KROVVY, BEASTIANITY, and DREW GATES. Writing/reviews on: E.M. Cioran, Justin Fuller, Oily Boys, Wet Cloth, Soma Coma, Hyperspace Vision, Croation Amor, LR, X-TG / Throbbing Gristle, Lakes, The Clean, Constant Mongrel, U202, Destruction Unit. You can’t go wrong with these new issues. US edition with red cover printed and distributed by Feel It. »

« Newest print piece from DX of DISTORT zine. First in a series of half-size fanzines dedicated to THE KINKS. As DX states, « An expression of the sickness of The Kinks and their fanatical audience. » The writing here is a bit of an intro to the KINKS (good for those not familiar past « You Really Got Me », etc.) but also delves into the wild personalities behind the music. A real cool read featuring cover art from Avi Spivak to boot. US edition printed by Feel It. »

« INCREDIBLE international fanzine omnibus issue assembled by Tom/General Speech. HC Anachronistic Assembly #1 features contributions from: General Speech (US), Concrete Guerilla (US-formerly Accept The Darkness), Radiation Sickness (US), Decaptitated (Japan), Eskupe Al Alkade (Spain), La Ciudad Mas Feo Del Mundo (Spain), Got Myself (US-done by yours truly, first new writing in something like two years!), More Noize (UK), Night Rider More Than Fight (France), and Your War (US). Content ranges from reviews to interviews to photos to editorials but hell, with this lineup you know you’ll be getting quality all the way through. This has been a long time in the works and I can’t say enough about how pleased I am with the result. Cover art from Teo Hernandez of Eskupe Al Alkade. »

NUTS! #11
« HOLY SMOKES, BATMAN! This is truly Nuts! A brand new issue for 2013 finds the ed. living in New York City and the coverage is rightfully NYC-centric. Issue #11 includes interviews with LA MISMA, DEFORMITY, and HANK WOOD & THE HAMMERHEADS. The Hammerheads interview was actually done in part by yours truly and intended for use in a far-oft issue of Got Myself…but all that aside, this issue truly smokes all prior Nuts! Also included are two posters from Crazy Spirit’s Sam Ryser and Heather Benjamin plus show reviews, etc. This issue also delivers the best print job yet, in my opinion. A truly stellar effort, get it now! »

ONLY DEATH IS FATAL#1 female-fronted punk zine
+ mixtape of bands featured
Punk zine featuring interviews and articles about female-fronted bands. This issue includes:
The Anemic Boyfriends / Bona Dish / Cold Dogs In The Courtyard / Cool To Snog / Defectors / Fault 151 / Faux Pas/Indians In Moscow / Human Zoo / Partners In Crime / Pleasure Leftists / The Raunchettes / Zon 6

Un nouveau stock de zines DORIS avec :


DORIS#30, #29, #28, #23
Encyclopedia of Doris: stories, essays, interviews : Issues 19-27 of Doris zine plus a bunch of stuff that was printed in other zines and a bunch of new writing!


Pour commander, réserver, me proposer ton zine c’est par ici 


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