Zines In English


7 inches to freedom#13/ A5 / 3€ / 36pages / «Issue no. 13…back at it with the most interviews in a single issue yet! I try to wring some answers out of Adam P., the sicko who documents punks/outsiders on authentic VHS under the name VIPER VIDEO. I get deep and dirty with Emmy from CRETINS OF DISTORTION FANZINE about all things punk, Midwest, being an MRR columnist and Staples copy scams! And finally there is a write up/interview with the mostly forgotten Long Island Hardcore’ers, HALFMAN. »

thechapess_6THE CHAPESS#6 / A5 / 3€ / zine collectif fémiste en anglais avec des textes, photos, dessins / « The Chapess is a quarterly zine showcasing the work of women writers and artists from around the world. Since 2011 the zine has operated on an open submission policy with contributions coming from women of all ages and experience. »

thechapess_7THE CHAPESS#7 / A5 / 3€ / zine collectif féministe en anglais avec des textes, photos, dessins

thechapess_8THE CHAPESS#8 / A5 3€ / zine collectif féministe en anglais avec des textes, photos, dessins


COMETBUS#54 / In China with Green Day / A5 / 3€ / 96p. / « After twenty years Aaron returns to his duties as a Green Day roadie and heads to Asia. A few things have changed with the band over this period of time, but, not so much for Cometbus: « Because, you see, I hadn’t changed that much. Not enough. » The result is a fascinating tour document and an incredibly personal story of relationships reconciling themselves. »

COMETBUS#56 A Bestiary Of Booksellers / A5 / 4€ / 112p./ « The 56th issue of Cometbus is a loving ethnography of New York City’s wild, weird, and bearded used book trade. Aaron writes about his fellow book dealers—and their tribes—with all the unflinching and generous powers of observation that he’s applied to every subject.  As he writes in chapter one, « A book sale is a competition, after all, where knowledge, physical endurance, and speed all count. But like an early eighties hardcore show, it only looks violent and chaotic from a distance. Up close, where the action is, everyone is helping each other out. » »

DEGENERATE#12 + flexidisc du groupe SCRAPER / 3€ /A4. Scraper, David West of Rank/Xerox and Rat Columns, Essays/Reviews.

degenerate_14DEGENERATE#14 / A4 / 2€ / 14p. « It features writing on Anti-Earth Motherfuckers, money, Wild Child, Pregnancy Scares, Irreparables, Free Time, parklets, etc. It also features interviews with David King (designer of the Crass symbol,) Jess Scott (Brilliant Colors/Index/Flesh World/Make-a-Mess Records,) and Franklin Turvel (Solaristic.) »

DEGENERATE#15 /2€50 / A4 / 16pages / Reviewed/discussed: Dribble, Velvet Whip, Pod Blotz, Franklin Turvell, Gag, Criminal Code, Lumpy & the Dumpers, Exhaustion, Alan Bishop, Circuits des Yeux, Venom P. Stinger, Deformity, The Repos, Ian Svenonius, Old Boy, Hysterics, art class.
Features an interview with Pig DNA, writing by Sweet Tooth of Black Hole Cinematheque, an excerpt from the diaries of scar apologist Franklin Turvell and photos by S. Marcella.

distort_44DISTORT#44 /A4 / 2€50 / « Distort #44 continues the DRIBBLE/GUTTER GODS interview that was started in issue #43, also covers fellow Aussies HTRK and CONSTANT MONGREL, philosophers Jon Roffe and Ray Brassier, Loke Rahbek (from Posh Isolation/Lust For Youth/Croatian Amor), and Jock Club. Cover design by James Vinciguerra, also features art and photography by Zephyr Pavey, Loke Rahbek, Ray Brassier, Matthew Bellosi and Ruby Ray.  »

distort_46Distort#46 – 2€ – A4 / Tribute to Crisis. Featuring an extract from the rewritten Crisis chapter from Death In June book Misery and Purity, and several old fanzine cuttings of reviews and interviews.

distort_47Distort#47 / 2€ / A4/ « Modern Melbourne comedown: interviews with Brando’s Island, Justin K Fuller and Moon Rituals, a piece by Jess Johnson who illustrated the art on the cover, a piece by Jesse Thomas about the YDI record Black Dust, and some writing on choice modern psychedelic, hardcore and psychotic electronic music: Glue, Blotter, Puce Mary, Culo, Long Knife, Perspex Flesh, Martyr Privates, Goosebumps. »

doristwentythree Doris_28-001-231x300doris_30

Doris#30 – 3€, A5, Cindy Crabb.

« This issue talks about ways we create lives outside the mainstream structure, how we find and build community, and what that can mean to our ability to survive, heal and thrive. Touring, living with bees, book reviews, how to start a study group. Plus a bunch aboutcommunity accountability models of dealing with sexual assault – both critique and reflection of situations I have been in and what I felt was needed or not needed. Also an interview with the group Support New York and lessons they’ve learned from many years of doing accountability work. »

Doris#28 A5 2€. « Stories about buying land and getting two miniature horses. An article about racism and the ways it snuck in even when supposedly being raised liberal. Grandma. A friend’s suicide. Stick shacks. Opossum babies. « 

Doris#26 – A5 – 2€.

Doris#23 A5 2€. « This is about love and my grandma and abortion and menstrual extraction and being in jail and camping. « 

Doris#22A5 1€. « A lot of stuff about abuse, but also about anarchism and gender and girl gangs and all kinds of stuff. »

fetish ritual 4FETISH RITUAL ZINE-ISSUE ONE /A5 / 3€ / « From the mind of Down & Out comes the first issue of Fetish Ritual. Dedicated to the form, not the Art. Fetish Ritual documents noise/PE as it exists right now for the editor, small run tapes and one off projects. This is D&O’s view of electronic noise abuse.
Interviews with-
Death Kneel
Consensual Rape
Painted Woman
Gastric Lavage
V. Sinclair
Serpent777 on The Walking Dead
+Advertisements & Reviews on Puce Mary, Granite Mask, Pimp Aktion Slutgun, The Grey Wolves, Brethren, Ivory Prince, Forza Albino, Xenophobic Ejaculation, Shredded Nerve amongst others.

hardcore_assembly_1HARDCORE ANACHRONISTIC ASSEMBLY vol.1A5, 3€. « INCREDIBLE international fanzine omnibus issue assembled by Tom/General Speech. HC Anachronistic Assembly #1 features contributions from: General Speech (US), Concrete Guerilla (US-formerly Accept The Darkness), Radiation Sickness (US), Decaptitated (Japan), Eskupe Al Alkade (Spain), La Ciudad Mas Feo Del Mundo (Spain), Got Myself (US-done by yours truly, first new writing in something like two years!), More Noize (UK), Night Rider More Than Fight (France), and Your War (US). Content ranges from reviews to interviews to photos to editorials but hell, with this lineup you know you’ll be getting quality all the way through. This has been a long time in the works and I can’t say enough about how pleased I am with the result. Cover art from Teo Hernandez of Eskupe Al Alkade. »

illinformed_2ILL INFORMED#2 / A4 18p. 2€ / zine russe en anglais / Interviews with Your Mistake, Chain Rank, Painkiller records.

Just Say Yo! #5 – 2€, A4, 68pages. French zine in english by Nab. Columns, Itws : Silent Majority, Birds In Row, Rearranged, Mitch Clem, Raindance, Remission, Unveil + Reviews : records & zines…





jsy6Just Say Yo#6 – 2€ A4 64 p. in english featuring in depth, face to face interviews with

• SPORT • (U.S. Tour report)
+ Record & Zine reviews.






LIFE STINKS I LIKE THE KINKS#1 /A5/ 2€/ « Newest print piece from DX of DISTORT zine. First in a series of half-size fanzines dedicated to THE KINKS. As DX states, « An expression of the sickness of The Kinks and their fanatical audience. » The writing here is a bit of an intro to the KINKS (good for those not familiar past « You Really Got Me », etc.) but also delves into the wild personalities behind the music. A real cool read featuring cover art from Avi Spivak to boot. US edition printed by Feel It. »

LIFE STINKS I LIKE THE KINKS#3/ A5 / 2€50 / « Writing on The Kinks, fanatacism, drunkenness and cruelty:‘Waterloo Sunset’ , ‘Days’ , ‘Autumn Alamanac’ , ‘Dedicated Follower Of Fashion’ , ‘Nothin’ In This World Can Stop Me Worryin’ ‘Bout That Girl’
‘Australia’  »

LIFE STINKS I LIKE THE KINKS#4 / A5 / 2€50 / « The fourth issue of a mag about listening to The Kinks. A ritual of degradation. Harm is inherent in extended reflection. I submit to the fantasies incited in their songs. The placation of their harmonies betrays grim depth. Provokes ruin. Writing on: « Wicked Annabella », « Animal Farm », « A Well Respected Man », « Tired of Waiting », and others. This is the last issue. Artwork by Avi Spivak. North American edition with red cover, printed by Feel It. »

night_reader_2NIGHT READER MORE THAN FIGHT!#2 / A5 / 48p. / donation. Second issue of this zine from Basque Country written by Rémi : interviews with FRACASO (Venezuela) and MAYHEM DECAY CUDGEL (Brazil) and lots of interesting reviews of zines, records and movies.

nuts14 nuts16 Nuts17 NUTS18

NUTS!#14 / 2€ / « Interview with GAS RAG, review of New York’s Alright fest 2014, plus more live show and record reviews. »

NUTS!#16 / 2€ / « Interviews with NYC locals VANITY and NANDAS. SHEER MAG expound on the lyrics to their first EP. West coast scene coverage from Laura Pallmall and Julia Booz, plus live reviews from the editor and a bonus insert from Mike Caiazzo of Mommy. Cover artwork by Nay Rosario of La Misma. »

NUTS!#17 / 2€50 / « DX writes about the New York City feeling. Alex Simon interviews Ellie from GOOD THROB. Mark Winter, the songwriter behind CONEHEADS, CCTV, BIG ZIT, and OOZE, is interviewed. Mateo from DAWN OF HUMANS writes about his fav records he got when he was on tour in Europe. Artwork by Cecilia Caldera and Sam Ryser. »

NUTS!#18 / 2€50 / « Nuts! kicks off 2016 with another newsprint blast.  This time MOMMY converse about mental health facilities and speed, Emmy from Ohio gives us his top three musical discoveries of the past year, Jeff Caffrey of Gag details his 86 (count ’em!) punk tattoos, Aaron Cometbus contributes a fascinating run-down of vintage hardcore/punk business cards, and the usual striking visuals are here in full force with a heaping of live photos, comics, and a full-color poster. »

rice14RICE HARVESTER#14 Last Issue / A5 / 2€50 / 28p. / Interview with 510 Bad Smut, a long running East Bay telephone hotline announcing punk shows, Show reviews,  Personal essays.

stzineSELFTITLED ZINE#5 / Balkan issue in english / A4 / 2€ / 32p. / « DIY cut’n’paste oldschool style, in english! This time inside: columns, Bosonogo Djetinjstvo & The Truth interviews, two tour reports (Dishumanity & Leechfeast) and much love&hate. « 




STITCHES IN MY  HEAD#7/ A4 / 3€ / « Seventh issue of this Australian fanzine featuring coverage of MISS DESTINY, RED RED KROVVY, SICK PEOPLE, HYGIENE, QUALM, MULTIPLE MAN, and SIMFUCKERS. A standout all-Australian lineup for this issue rounded out by reviews and live photos. »

STITCHES IN MY  HEAD#9 / A4 / 3€ / « Top notch new issue of SIMH after a move from Cleveland to Toronto. This issue is heavy on the Clevo coverage, featuring an interview with PERVERTS AGAIN, top fives with Paul Schlacter, and reviews of some recent Cleveland punk films. Also included are interviews with MUFF DIVERS, DIGITAL OCTOPUS, and VOICE FROM INSIDE TAPES, a rock’n’roll radio feature, tour diaries from ROYAL HEADACHE and SCAB EATER, plus a heaping of reviews, photos, and more.  »

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